About Orly

With over 20 years of teaching experience, instructing children and adults of all ages throughout Los Angeles, Orly instills a dance program that promotes a passion for Israel and inspires a love of learning. Orly’s charismatic, welcoming nature immediately captivates new dancers and sparks an embracing community. She infuses a fresh, young & current vibe into every teaching lesson while maintaining the importance of a healthy lifestyle and tradition. She plays a variety of old and new Israeli dances of all decades containing partner, circle and line dances. Orly believes in connecting all generations through the arts, le-dor va-dor, dancing the same steps in unity, celebrating the same culture. She has learned from and assisted David Dassa in running the most popular Israeli Dance session in America. She inherited his Wednesday night legacy in June of 2015.

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Orly has choreographed some of the most popular Israeli dances that are done all over the world. She has taught at some of the biggest Israeli dance camps and teaches children at several private Jewish schools and synagogues including Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School, Ilan Ramon, Temple Israel of Hollywood, and Valley Beth Shalom. She was the dance director at Gindling Hilltop Camp for 14 years and is back at Camp Alonim for her ninth year. She was also the Israeli dance specialist at Milken Community Middle School for 12 years. Orly has technically danced since the age of 5 and was rehearsal director for the Los Angeles Israeli Dance Company for ten years.

Orly aims to entertain with her endless warmth and talent! She leads a thrilling “Dance with Orly” session on Wednesday nights in Los Angeles. Her dances include Hafinali, Suddenly, Tutim, Toro, Danza, Halaila Zeh Hazman, Tizkor, Hinach Yafa, At Bali Tov, and more. Orly exudes an electrifying energy that is both contagious and unparalleled!